We want to work with people and organisations that support our values.

Health is the most important thing we have – it is our wealth.  There are many ways to achieve great health and we want to share what we know works – either with your staff or those whom your organisation directly supports.

If you support our values about empowering individuals to take back the control of their health and wellbeing through the power of exercise and nutrition, in order to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives, we’d love to hear from you.

Ways we can work together

  • We can deliver Health & Wellbeing workshops for your organisation that will provide solutions for improving the health and mental wellbeing of your staff or beneficiaries

  • We can collaborate together on a project that aims to improve mental resilience of those at risk of social isolation, for example

  • You can sponsor someone to receive our award-winning service

  • You can book the Founder of N.ableD as a Guest Speaker

Together we can help our community so that when it comes to health, no one gets left behind.

Please call 0300 030 1033 to discuss your idea or proposal so we can get started!

Workshops & Partnerships

Carers Network.png

We have been selected by Carers Network as their chosen provider to design and deliver a series of Health & Wellbeing workshops for over 100 unpaid carers living in North & South Westminster.  The aim of these workshops is to equip unpaid carers with the necessary tools to help improve their quality of life so that they can become physically and mentally stronger, while dealing with the daily demands of supporting a loved one with a long-term illness or injury.

Good Care Group.jpg

We are currently working in partnership with The Good Care Group to deliver one-off ‘Wellbeing Workshops’ for older adults living in Central and West London to help educate them about the importance of physical activity in preventing the onset of dementia and heart disease - just two of the known 35 diseases linked to physical inactivity.  We aim to make each of our workshops interactive, fun and engaging.



We are proud to announce our recent collaboration with Barbara Babcock, a Health & Wellness Coach and Facilitator from ‘Return to Wellness’ supporting people to rebuild and renew their lives after experiencing a serious health issue. 

When we first met Barbara in February 2018, we were immediately struck by Barbara’s passion, knowledge and expertise in facilitating change in those who are looking to address the emotional impact of a serious health issue through one-to-one or group coaching, so that people can rediscover their purpose and move on with their lives in the way they wish to.

Barbara is now working with N.ableD to deliver a series of workshops to unpaid carers to teach them strategies to help them deal with distressing thoughts and identify what actions they wish to start, continue or stop taking in order to go forwards to enhance their quality of life.



The Institute of Physics (IOP) became the first organisation who took a step outside of the norm to sponsor a client who was referred to us by their GP practice to receive the N.ableD service.  As we appear to be the only accredited home-based provider of specialist exercise-, physio- and nutritional therapy in the UK, with thanks to IOP, one of our clients received 3-months of our support and it changed their life.  Click here to read their story.

If your organisation wants to be instrumental in making a positive difference to the lives of individuals who are living without hope and struggling with an illness or injury at home, why not sponsor them to receive our award-winning service?
Please contact us on 0300 030 1033.

Guest Speaker

Compassionate mental health.jpg

The story behind why N.ableD was created is an extremely powerful and moving story that encompasses several themes relevant to mental health, the role of unpaid carers, entrepreneurship, clinical negligence, medical education and the importance of physical activity and nutrition in changing lives. 

Our Founder, Nadine Denneth, was invited to Wales as a Guest Speaker at Compassionate Mental Health, to share her personal story about her father’s journey with Bipolar Disorder and his hospitalisation with resulted in a serious physical and mental decline, which eventually lead to her starting N.ableD as a way to help prevent what happened to her father from happening to anyone else.

Click here to see more examples of our Founder speaking publicly about her personal journey relating to the field of mental health.

Sponsor Someone

If you know someone personally or professionally who is currently struggling with their physical- or mental health, how about giving them the gift of good health? The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges cites exercise as the miracle cure to ill-health, yet exercise therapy is still not provided as a viable treatment offering for patients with chronic health conditions. But we can and do.

Why us?
We were voted ‘Best Exercise and Nutritional Therapy Providers in South England’ by Global Health & Pharma in 2019. We are the only Home-Based Health & Wellbeing service provider in London that has met a set of 8 standards set at Local Authority level.

We achieve such great results with our clients because we collaborate with a whole range of wellbeing professionals, from Exercise Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nutritional Therapists, Massage Therapists to Yoga Therapists.  In fact, we appear to be the only comprehensive Home-Based Health & Wellbeing service provider in existence in the UK!