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helping those who are socially-isolated

“Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of those who are socially-isolated by supporting them to become more physically active as a way to feel better and to become physically and mentally stronger.


We understand that there are numerous reasons why someone may be feeling isolated in their own community and we are here to help change that. For example, someone may be living with limited mobility, a mental health condition, have limited transportation options, caring responsibilities, or from having no (or just a few) friends/family members living nearby to them.

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Additional services in their community

We aim to bridge the gap between the person and their community by providing our clients with a complementary sign-posting service, where we use our extensive pool of resources and existing networks to help our clients access additional services in their community that may also benefit them.

Our 5 values are:


    We aim to inspire and empower our clients to live their lives to the fullest, to better themselves and take ownership for their health and well-being.


    We aim to support our clients to feel part of their community by bringing the ‘outside’ inside and by helping the people we support to explore the options available to them in their local community.


    We are qualified and trained to support adults of any age who want to increase their activity levels safely and effectively from within the home environment. We treat all our clients as the unique individuals that they are, which means whatever their racial background, gender, religion, social status, cultural background or sexual orientation, we are available to help them achieve their goals.


    We take our work with people very seriously which is why we can only agree to work with a client once both they and their GP have completed and signed one of our Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires (PARQ). This form is our way of making sure that our client is medically safe to participate in home-based physical activity as opposed to requiring physical activity in a hospital or clinical setting.


    We are committed to treating each and every one of our clients with dignity and respect. This means we focus on every person as an individual without making assumptions about how people want to be treated.