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Our Cookies Policy (last revised on 15th May 2018)

Like all websites, we use cookies and other similar technology for the site to function, and to give you a better and more personalized experience of

This policy outlines which cookies we use, and explains how you can manage them.

  • What is a cookie?
  • What cookies do we use?
  • How do I manage cookies?
  • Policy updates & contacting us

What is a cookie?

Cookies are standard features of websites that allow us to store small amounts of data on your computer about your visit to our website. They help us learn which areas of the website are useful and which areas need improvement.

On, we use cookies for many things which we explain in detail below, and which include:

  • to remember your preferred language and country.
  • to help our developers improve the website, by understanding how people find us and what devices they’re using.

The section below, titled “How do I manage cookies?” outlines the choices you can make to control cookies.

However, if you disable cookies and similar technologies, your experience on the website may be diminished and some features may not work as intended.

What cookies do we use?

How do I manage cookies?

You can disable essential, preference, statistics, and marketing cookies through the settings on your browser.

You may wish to refer to: for information on commonly used browsers.

You can follow the instructions on your browser’s help page or their website to remove the cookies set by our site and other sites. You can also choose to block our site and other sites from setting these cookies in the future.

To opt-out of analytics cookies by Google Analytics, please go to:

If you want to clear all cookies left behind by the websites you have visited, here is a link to a program that clean out tracking cookies:

These opt-outs may be provided through the use of specific tracking opt-out cookies. Please note that if you get a new computer, install or upgrade a browser, or erase or otherwise alter your browser’s cookie file, this may also clear the opt-out cookies.

Policy Updates & Contacting Us

This is a snapshot of how we use cookies today; we may change this Cookies Policy if we change our use of cookies over time. The “last revised” legend at the top of this page indicates when this page was last changed.

If you have questions or feedback on this policy, feel free to let us know by contacting us via our website ‘Contact Us’ form or writing to the following addresses:

4 Stirling House,
Sunderland Quay,
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N.ableD receives postal mail at the above address, is the company responsible for collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information under this Privacy Policy.

In addition, you may contact our Data Protection Officer at