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Guest Blog by Sarah De Capua

I was always pretty healthy – until I wasn’t. I was always pretty well-informed – except I wasn’t. I always had enough energy – until I didn’t. I’d been ill on and off for years with a vestibular (inner ear / balance / hearing) disorder called Menieres Disease. Menieres Disease is a rare-ish illness that […]

Treating Causes vs Treating Symptoms

I am a firm believer in finding out the cause of one’s own health problem(s). Whether it turns out to be lifestyle-related, stress-related, unprocessed emotional or physical trauma or even something a lot simpler… Why do I believe this? Because this is where one can learn empowering behaviours. This is how you can own your […]

It’s a Miracle! Or is it?

I’ve been waiting to share this story with you for some time now. So most of you probably know by now that the idea behind N.ableD was born out of my own experience becoming a carer for my father four years ago and having to witness his continued deterioration in health over the years that […]

For Employers: How to Reduce Long-term Sickness Absence

As a business owner, I can appreciate the challenges and cost implications facing organisations when it comes to handling long-term absence for staff members who are suffering from ill-health (fortunately, for us we don’t have this problem and you’ll understand why that’s the case as you read on…) There is free help and advice out […]

My ‘Why’ of Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

In April 2015 I started my journey on a path to the unknown as a social entrepreneur. I was one of the lucky ones who, after entering a competition run by Beyond Business at the Bromley by Bow Centre, was shortlisted from over 100 candidates to pitch my idea for N.ableD in front of private […]