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  • Guest Blog by Sarah De Capua January 8, 2018 - I was always pretty healthy – until I wasn’t. I was always pretty well-informed – except I wasn’t. I always had enough energy – until I didn’t. I’d been ill on and off for years with a vestibular (inner ear / balance / hearing) disorder called Menieres Disease. Menieres Disease is a rare-ish illness that […]
  • Treating Causes vs Treating Symptoms July 9, 2017 - I am a firm believer in finding out the cause of one’s own health problem(s). Whether it turns out to be lifestyle-related, stress-related, unprocessed emotional or physical trauma or even something a lot simpler… Why do I believe this? Because this is where one can learn empowering behaviours. This is how you can own your […]
  • It’s a Miracle! Or is it? July 24, 2016 - I’ve been waiting to share this story with you for some time now. So most of you probably know by now that the idea behind N.ableD was born out of my own experience becoming a carer for my father four years ago and having to witness his continued deterioration in health over the years that […]
  • For Employers: How to Reduce Long-term Sickness Absence June 29, 2016 - As a business owner, I can appreciate the challenges and cost implications facing organisations when it comes to handling long-term absence for staff members who are suffering from ill-health (fortunately, for us we don’t have this problem and you’ll understand why that’s the case as you read on…) There is free help and advice out […]
  • My Interview with Home Instead (Fahima Khatun, Canary Wharf) March 16, 2016 - This month I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Fahima Khatun, Director of Home Instead for Canary Wharf – an award winning private home care organisation serving Tower Hamlets, Newham and City of London boroughs. I was very kindly invited to Fahima’s office in Docklands, East London to ask her my questions as I was keen to discover […]
  • nabled-large Our 3 Solutions to Long Term Conditions February 9, 2016 - I arrived just in time to get a seat near the front of this heavily attended event, which began shortly after 9am after being officially opened by Professor Gillian Leng, Director for Health and Social Care at NICE. I was most impressed however, with the speaker who immediately followed her. Her name is Jacquie White […]
  • 12489249_529428977235321_3018752895796381696_o NableD on Solar Radio February 1, 2016 - In case you missed it, I was given the opportunity to be interviewed about N.ableD by James Anthony on his 2-4pm slot on Saturday 16 January 2016. Possibly the best piece of homework I could ever hope to receive from anybody, Mr Anthony asked me to compile a list of my favourite 11 songs that […]
  • Cracked: Why Psychiatry is Doing More Harm Than Good by James Davies Book of the Month: “Cracked – Why Psychiatry is Doing More Harm Than Good” by James Davies January 20, 2016 - You may well remember me citing in my last newsletter my agreement with Michael Pollan’s food rule “Avoid foods that make health claims”. Well, from reading the extensive research conducted by James Davies, author of “Cracked – Why Psychiatry is doing more harm than good”, has lead me to the unsettling and disturbing conclusion that […]
  • MEMP9429 My ‘Why’ of Becoming a Social Entrepreneur January 1, 2016 - In April 2015 I started my journey on a path to the unknown as a social entrepreneur. I was one of the lucky ones who, after entering a competition run by Beyond Business at the Bromley by Bow Centre, was shortlisted from over 100 candidates to pitch my idea for N.ableD in front of private […]
  • els_logo_display who are east london solutions? December 19, 2015 - Six east London boroughs Barking and Dagenham, Havering, Newham, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest have designed a quality assurance system for providers who wish to offer services to individuals who manage their own care and support arrangements via a Direct Payment or cash Personal Budget. They work on a set of 8 standards that […]